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Ymilse Portrait.jpg

A Canadian artist of Venezuelan origin, who has lived in Quebec, Canada since1988. Between 1982 and 1985, she studied at the University of the Andes in Venezuela in Arts and Letters. As an artist and autodidact, Ymilse explored various techniques and forms of art over the years. These included drawing, contemporary portraiture, colorfield painting, Chinese painting, photography and sculpture.

Since 1998, Ymilse continued to nourish her ongoing desire for learning through training and workshops at the Stewart Culturel Center in Point Claire, Québec. Aside from her artistic career, and gifted with a great sensibility and openness toward others, Ymilse also developed her talent in the healing arts, contributing to the well-being of others on physical and energetic levels.

At the current time, Ymilse continues to actively explore and develop her art, passion and techniques in landscapes and collage. The symbolism in her work with abstract paintings manifests a universe of underlying emotional tension, charged with dynamic energy.

Color and form constitute the very fibre of Ymilse’s passion for the visual arts. Infused with abundant energy, she is animated by lively, vivid tints, evoking love, purity and truth. Varying textures weave a common thread throughout her work.

Ymilse Rangel defines herself primarily as a painter-colorist of the abstract style. Her creations reveal the richness of an expansive spirit.

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